Why brew coffee by the pot, when you can have it by the cup?

Please everyone in the Office.

Refreshments at the office keep employees focused, motivated, refreshed, and in the building. Plus, they reduce turnover by making employees feel valued and appreciated.

Green Mountain Coffee offers the broadest selection of K-Cups for the office workplace in long island NY. From dark roasts to decafs, teas to hot chocolate, with on call you can get bottled water delivery, coffee service, even vending machines, we have something for everyone. Let Long Island Bottled Water be your office coffee solution.

Choose the Keurig Single Cup Brewer that is right for your office!

The Keurig Single-Cup Brewer brews fresh hot coffee, tea and hot cocoa at the touch of a button. There's no measuring, no filters, no mess and no more squabbles over who left the office coffee pot empty, A great addition to any work environment. We offer many coffee machine solutions with fast friendly service in long island NY.

Keep your team motivated, productive throughout the day.

With our office coffee service, you and your employees in Long Island New York can enjoy great tasting coffee
brewed fresh one cup at a time, or in traditional glass or thermal decanters in many delicious varieties. Great coffee at work feels like a reward and the cost difference is
only pennies a day! Studies repeatedly show that efforts to improve employee morale have a positive, direct impact on productivity.
Day in and day out, 25% of all workers leave the building for at least 15 minutes to purchase hot beverages or refreshments. Yet 80% of employees state that a quality refreshment program would make them less likely to leave the workplace and would result in a visible daily benefit at work. Our customer's satisfaction will be the first to tell you how our service makes their job easier.
When refreshments are available it is convenience, employees feel their needs are recognized and respected, leading to increased morale satisfaction and productivity.
With a wide variety of coffee, vending machines, bottled water systems, tea and hot chocolate, the options are endless in your break room; your employees can enjoy a genuine coffee house experience without having to leave your facility. It's the ultimate morale booster for employees and a welcome treat for new clients and guests. Enjoy advanced break room technology with the push of a button
Enjoy advanced break room technology with the push of a button.
Call today to experience the best in break room coffee service.