Shawangunk Mountains has become known for its natural pristine beauty in North America. Also known for its biodiversity and scenic character, the ridge has been designated by The Nature Conservancy as one of the "75 Last Great Places on Earth."

The Shawangunks has more than 55 miles of mapped perennial streams and brooks, The Shawangunk landscape is characterized by cliff, talus, slabrock and both elements of a Boreal and Southern forest. The Shawangunk has a variety of spectacular waterfalls and springs that cascade over cliffs into the streams below. The Shawangunks contain mainly public lands. Most of the northeren Ridge is protected and held as the Mohonk Preserve , Minnewaska State Park Preserve ,

Sam's Point Preserve with more than 100 miles (160 km) of hiking trails and several climbing areas. In 2007 Shawangunk Ridge State Forest and Witches Hole State Forest were added. There are several old carriage trails on the Ridge including; Smiley Road from Ellenville into Minnewaska State Park Preserve, and Old Plank Road and Old Mountain Road in Shawangunk State Forest. These federally protected preserved acres are over 270 million years old of natural untouched nature. With rare plant life that only grows at high elevation to the ice caves that are deep fissures in the conglomerate bedrock that retain ice through much of the summer, resulting in a cool microenvironment that supports several northern species such as black spruce, hemlock, rowan , and creeping snowberry (Gaultheria hispidula), and sbryophyte such as Isopterygium distichaceum. These ice caves are concentrated near Sam's Point in the northern Shawangunks. Larger limestone caverns occur along the lower slopes of the Rondout and Delaware River valleys. Prestige Spring Water delivers natural spring water direct from the shawengunk mountains to your home or office. This natural spring is truly Americas best tasting bottled water.

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Healthy Benefits

The average human body consists of more than 65% water and is hence an essential element for all of its organs to function properly. Each day the body loses water through normal body functions, which need to be replaced to maintain its adequate hydration.

Many water cooler companies talk in general terms about the health benefits of having a water cooler around the office or home environment. Prestige Spring Water Delivery Company has developed this concept further - as part of our initial conversations we take details of the number of people per water cooler and over the course of the year we monitor which water coolers are being used heavily or not. We will then advise clients of potential problems they have with dehydration in the office or home.

Do you know what comes out of your tap?

Ask yourself the following questions - 

  • Do you know how many times your tap water has been recycled before you drink it?
  • Do you know how old the pipes are that your water travels down?
  • Do you know what additives the water companies put into your water?
  • Do you know if your water supply has been chlorinated and the affects this may have?
Compare the answers to your questions above with the information we offer on the source and high quality of Prestige Spring Water that we provide across Long Island NY