Customer Service

Our customer service team is dedicated to providing a friendly and professional service, no matter what your enquiry or the size of your company. We are committed to responding to your enquiries quickly and will do everything we can to ensure your experience with Prestige Spring Water is a great one.

We are also committed to providing a quality service cleaning and repair schedule which gives you the peace of mind to know that your water cooler will continue to serve you without trouble over the coming months and years. But don't just take our word for it , why not see what our customers have to say.

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We take care of your stock management

Our delivery team takes complete responsibility for all your water usage estimations and stock management. Our fully trained Route Sales Managers create your delivery schedule and ensure the optimal level of stock is delivered to you on time.

We deliver to multiple sites

As a large supplier of water coolers on Long Island, we have a vast experience dealing with high volume clients, servicing more high volume contracts than any other company. Our largest contract is for 3500 coolers spread over 150 locations across NY.


Prestige supplies a reliable and well managed delivery service to multi-site locations across NY. Your dedicated Route Sales Manager will co-ordinate your schedule and stock levels across all of your locations and ensure every cooler is well maintained and fully stocked.

What's the difference between buying and renting a water cooler?

Rental packages offer the convenience of an all-inclusive service. On the other hand buying coolers can work out more cheaply - though servicing and repairs can be problematic unless this is specifically addressed by your package...

What are the service options?

Water coolers need looking after so you must ensure your package covers servicing, repairs and, most importantly, regular sanitization to maintain hygiene...

Storing Bottled Water:

It's all very well having regular bottle deliveries but where to store the spares? Why not request one of our free bottle storage racks. One rack holds five cooler bottles but only takes up the floor space of one! This means that large water deliveries, especially during the summer months, do not create a storage mess for the office manager and helps you to keep your water stored safely and conveniently.

Do not store bottled water in direct sun light, florescent or ultraviolet lights.

Avoid storing bottled water in direct sunlight for long periods. Sunlight may affect the flavor of the water.

Please rotate your inventory. The freshest bottled water is the best tasting bottled water.

Bottled water should never be allowed to freeze. Freezing may cause the water to turn to ice which will cause the bottle to stretch and rupture.
Bottled water should be stored in a safe location away from gasoline, bleach, laundry detergents these chemicals are unsafe and can affect the taste of the water.

Environmentally Friendly Bottled Water:

We will remove your empty bottles as part of our delivery service. The 5 gallon bottles are then sterilized and reused to ensure an environmentally friendly service. Once the bottles have reached the end of their life they are recycled and the whole process begins again!

• Environmentally friendly service
• All bottles are reused and recycled
• Empties collected when new bottles delivered.
• Call today for more information.